November 1985 - Backgammon, Power Poker, Chicken Catcher

Editors Notes talks about a muddled launch for the C-128 as well as a lot of confusion around the Amiga. Some nostalgia too for the Tramiel days, with the Atari ST at least hitting its rough shipping date targets.

Some articles about the new hotness of CD-ROMs.

And another feature on printers.

Backgammon - Jeffrey Vavasour and Geoff Rideout

It's backgammon. And you can play the computer. Not my cuppa, but I've seen people really get into this game. On the other hand, there was no attempt to do the graphics up. (And fun fact: computers have been beating the best humans at this game since 1979.) Rating:2/5

Power Poker - Jud Bleser

Also not my cuppa, but a bit more innovative form of poker solitaire: press the letter to place each card, and get points for the poker hands you make. Not just more creative but a lot prettier than the Backgammon game. Rating:3/5

Chicken Catcher - Steven McCloskey

"Children will enjoy netting the chicken in this action game". Were we that bored? Run to the side and press the button to leap across and hit chicken (a net appears in your hand as you leap.) There's not much of a sense of action. Either you leap all at once to other side, or you run off the edge and plummet. (Or, I realized, you can run off one of the sides and fall to the platform below for a second try.) One extra star for the cute character graphics. Rating:2/5

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