July 1985 - Sleuth, Space Gallery

Interesting change of pace in the Editor's Notes, talking about how computers are better music editors and sequencers than tools for graphic arts at that time, most a matter of memory and resolution. (I think it's funny that year's later we seem closer to making a convincing looking artificial person than one that synthesizes its own voice, but maybe I'm underestimating how important motion capture still is.)

Includes some "Zounds" example sounds, that list their BASIC program when done. The C=64 did have a pretty kickin' sound chip...

Interesting that they included TurboTape and TurboDisk. Commodores were notorious for slow disk and tape access, I think they tended to do things in serial when the hardware supported stuff in parallel...

There was also a neat review of a big selection of robots available for sale, ranging from cheap Transformers all the way up to $1000 Heath HEROjr. Kind of relevant given this weeks release of that awesome Star Wars BB-8 ball robot...

Sleuth - Paul D. Farquhar

I like this title screen! The game itself is text-based..  a murder has been committed, there are 5 suspects, one of whom is a compulsive liar, and you have to press "1" to get another tidbit about motive, weapon access, and opportunity until finally you feel you know who did it and possibly who the liar is. Looking at the instructions I see the C=64 version has a hidden "notebook" feature. Anyway, I'm going to overcome my usual bias against non-action games and say Rating:3/5

Space Gallery - Jeff A. Lapkoff

Fairly standard cannon/aliens in sky game. I always liked the sprial design sprite of the player, and the enemies are kind of charming too. They move in nice geometric patterns, and fire opportunistically so it's kind of tough. (Weird UI choice where a gray dot next to "heat seaker" means the blue bullets are more dangerous. Rating:3/5

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