September 1992 - Drixella's Dilemma

Oh, man... the Editor notes that there was exactly zero new pieces of commercial software to review this issue. I guess I shouldn't pick too much on Gazette for not having a plethora of games, and just be amazed that they kept this up for another 2 1/2 years.

Horrible comic of the month:
Alrighty then...

Drixella's Dilemma - Arthur Moore

Tile placement solitaire-ish game, either timed or "practice". I dunno, I think there are too many rules: when you place a tile it has to match either witchly icon or color, if it touches two when placed it has to match one with color and the other with icon (similarly three touching can't all be a icon or color match, and four touching has to be two of each) Attractive game, and the title screen had some neat animation, but it seems too difficult and luck-based and annoying. Rating:3/5


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    1. Happy to see you Art! To be fair I'm not a very puzzle-minded person in the first place :-)