October 1992 - Mindboggle

Cover talks about the "586"... first off, wow, this early? I didn't see that around much 'til like 1995. Second of all... oh yeah, it wasn't always the "Pentium", Intel just wanted a name they could copyright.

Ah well, to the Gazette!

Mindboggle - John Cameron

"Mindboggle (not to be confused with Mind Boggle, May 1984) is a strategy game for up to four players." (Heh- that was the first month with a pack-in disk. And oddly enough, the menu program does call it Mind Boggle.) Technically it's always 4 players, but none of them have to be human. Anyway, this is a variant of a memory matching game, pick 2 tiles, claim 'em if they match. There are a few special pieces with various game play effects, though they're not described very well in the article.  I included the attractive title screen because I liked the typeface for both the title and the one for the rest of the text. Rating:3/5

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