October 1991 - Hoverjet

Horrible comic of the month:


Hoverjet - Mike Sedlezky

Huh - the pages of description and listing are missing from my copy of COMPUTE - luckily the author name is on the title screen. You control a hover jet at the bottom of the screen. You strafe and rise a bit from behind your defensive barrier (which also blocks your shots) A similarly equipped computer controlled hoverjet is at the top of the screen. Your goal seems to be destroying the capsules behind the enemy jet - one sometimes turns blue... I think then it's worth more points but I'm not sure if there's any other difference. Anyway, I cleared out all the capsules, then killed the enemy jet one more time, and got a "Mission Complete".  Awesome graphics for the jets and shadows - reminds me of the begining of Raid Over Moscow. Rating:3/5

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