Quick Note on Accompanying Archive Site

Just a reminder that all 4 and 5 star games (for the C64) are being put into my accompanying file archive... I put each one into a bootable disk (or tape) image.
Thanks to the amazing Gamebase64 database (and an archive slipped to me) I'm able to include files that I otherwise was having trouble making bootable.

(Fair warning for people following the blog as I write it, the archive lags the reviews a bit, I tend to batch up game uploads on a publishing-year basis.)

It's funny, I know my decision to limit this to 4 and 5 star games influences my ratings a little bit. In theory I might go back and dig up the 3 stars (which represent "par" in my rating system) but I think being selective has its advantages too.


  1. I think many people might enjoy these published as a single archive, instead of separate D64 files. I have a project (that's been languishing for some time now) to put the best Gazette games into an EasyFlash CRT image, and probably also as a D81 image, if they all fit. Would you mind if I use your ratings as the basis for this collection?

    1. Jason, Sorry for not getting back to you, Gmail has been dropping comment notifications into spam

      You're welcome to use my ratings for whatever you want. Acknowledgements are appreciated but not demanded :-) Contact me at kirkjerk at gmail dot com and I can help you get the raw data in different formats (Hmm, though maybe nothing more helpful than the JSON that's embedded in the archive page)

      Also I'd be interested in a minor discussion about the pros/cons of sep. d64 archive vs big images... (like would you use a menu loader or something?)