April 1992 - Pegman, The Cube

The main COMPUTE's editorial had me going with their April Fools, for a second - describing how because they're owned by science-minded Omni they're going metric. I started to catch on when they said 3 1/2 and 5 1/4 disks were going to be referred to as 8.89cm and 13.335cm...

It was funny reading about the Apple Pencil before starting this entry (I always covet tablet/drawing technology... "NOW I'll be just as good a bad doodler virtually as I am in real life!") and then seeing this month's "The Return of the Pen". I had forgotten there was Microsofts Windows with Pen Computing - so even before the Newton, the idea was out there.

Comic of the month:

Ok, to the games:

Pegman - Alain Tremblay

This game has a lot going on. It's a little like Jumpman, in terms of being a level-based jumper/climber. You go around collecting/turning off leaking faucets, looking out for dangerous crabs and this big fish that eventually shows up... like the fish in Super Mario Bros 3 it's most dangerous when you're in the water but will leap out to grab you on land too. Also there are less dangerous ladder-eating snails and a fish that comically flies in and knocks you around a bit. The water is continually rising, and it's weirdly hard to get out of, I think you need to get to a ladder. So, a lot going on, but ultimately not a lot of fun. Rating:3/5

The Cube - Michael J. Pope Jr.

Slow (BASIC) sliding title game, though making color stripes instead of having to get specific tiles into position. Also, uses cursor keys and "f1" instead of the joystick. Rating:2/5

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