January 1992 - TriBlox

O, brave new world that has such boring cover art. Like I previously mentioned, I can't be arsed to copy over these stupid PC hardware glamour shots. The old Gazette covers were informative, the earlier OMNI-era COMPUTE covers were cool in a cyber-90s kind of way, but these are just dull, and not related to the mission of this blog.

There's a pretty good article in the main section on "Principles of Good Game Design" with little interviews from Paul "Star Control and Arcon" Reiche III, Dave "Lemmings" Jones, Roberta "King's Quest" Williams, Richard "Ultima" Garriott, and Dan "M.U.L.E." Bunten.

I admit, this comic made me exhale in amusement:

Alright, on to the games! Game.

Triblox - Mark Neri

Clone of Columns, probably my least favorite of the Tetris genre. Rating:3/5, 'cause I guess some people liked the game.

Sigh. I guess this year isn't shaping up much better than last.

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