April 1991 - Stronghold, Word Find 3D, Hangman 128

You know, there are two subtle things better in the embedded-in-COMPUTE arrangement and the new GUI loader: one is how the Table of Contents for Gazette gives capsule description of the articles and programs. The other is that the description in the GUI tends to follow the name of the program with "Game" or "Utility".

They mention an odd change, the Gazette section will no longer be in the newsstand edition, just the subscription version. Here's hoping my COMPUTE PDFs came from the home version!

Stronghold - Danny English

Ambitious but uninspiring exploration flick-screen game. You wander around a planetscape in a spaceship-- it's not very "physics-y" but you do you drift slowly downward because of gravity, and have to adjust because most wall collisions are fatal. Periodically some screens you enter have a guardian jellyfish thing (shades of Metroid?) but they are easily dispatched with your unlimited River-Raid style gun - or just move one screen back and forth and there's a chance there will be no enemy, or it will have a slightly different behavior. Anyway, you need to explore and find some astronauts, but there are lock gates (with corresponding keys), general slammers, and tight passages making it too difficult. Rating:3/5

(Actually what this really reminded me of is Indie Developer Anna Anthropy's excllent REDDER - well worth playing through if you like thoughtful exploration games - especially since the astronaut has a neat little jet pack.)

Word Find 3D - Milton Johnson

Gawd, I just can not muster the gumption to look into this. Make (and solve I guess?) Words in 2D or 3D word finds. Man, I don't even care about this in the real world... maybe if they promised a 3D graphics view I'd come back to it. Rating:1/5

Hangman 128 - David Williams

Over 400 Words (or as many as you decide to go ahead and type in if you were, you know, typing it in) for a competent version of Hangman in C128 BASIC. The most charming detail is the "large variety of background graphics that change with each game you play"... that's the red line geometric scribble in the background, a little touch of Turtle-like art. It's cute that they threw that in. I'd give this 3 but that seems unfair to Stronghold, so Rating:2/5

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