October 1989 - Slap Shot, Triple Search

Somehow the colors of that happy trio seem appropriate for the swan song of the 80s...

Speaking of cool, they changed to a noir look for the "go look at the magazine" warning screen, light text on a black background, but the palette for the menu is the same as always...
Anyway, on to the games...

Slap Shot - John Fedor

2 player only, 2-on-2 Hockey. Seems to be a clear derivative of Hat Trick, but without the player opponent or cool groove marks left behind by the skates. Again, not playing it properly, so it's good but points off for lack of originality. Tentative Rating:3/5 (Also the puck shoots weirdly slowly)

Triple Search - Mike Bloustine

Alright, by the bent standards of this blog, this isn't a game, more of a utility. Seems ok for what it is, I guess. Rating:2/5.

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