February 1989 - Tank Ambush, Gridloc (and "The Great Arcade Machine")

The Great Arcade Machine - Hubert Cross

Editor's Notes mentions a new magazine, "COMPUTE!'s Amiga Resource". I was kind of wondering about the lack of direct coverage of the things.

A big deal here is the game construction kit "The Great Arcade Machine" and an accompanying contest.

This thing seems to be an early example of live coding... it boots up with a game running in the background, but you're back at the BASIC prompt. This is a library of ML routines and 31 new BASIC commands. It's a pretty cool idea, but kind of overwhelming to be honest! I'm looking forward to seeing what games came out of this.

Tank Ambush - Anthony Bertram

Not quite as weaksauce a Battlezone clone as Supertank but still not good. You control the tank at the bottom of the screen. In practice pressing up and down raises a(n invisible) reticule, and you shoot enemies as they trundle towards you. There's not much of a sense of rotation - actually I think they may have got it backwards, with further away enemies rotating across screen faster - so this plays like a glorified invaders game. Rating: 2/5

Gridloc - Dan Stephens

Humdrum 128 strategy game, 1-5 players, any of which can be computer controlled. The goal is to get a piece on every row and column before your opponents. For each turn some virtual dice are rolled that define a boundary in which you can place your piece, and you can put pieces over your opponents'. Rating 2/5

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  1. Great Arcade Machine was very well done, but I found it limiting in the types of games which could be created. The winning entries to the contest can be found on the disk for Sept '89: Freak Attack, Blast Off, Egg Beater, Neverest, & Rescue Pod (Sadly not published as type-ins, they were available to disk subscribers only)