June 1988 - Square Logix, Arcade Volleyball, Jericho

Oh look. More printers.

Have to say I don't like the new cover format as much as the old one. It's all kind of samey-samey.

Ooh, a review of Spectrum-Holobyte's Tetris! Amazing to remember- this once was new! (And there was a lot of history before it... the reviewer asks and answers "Is Tetris fun? I found it addictive on the order of Pac Man")

Square Logix - Leonard Morris

I couldn't get this C-128 game to run. It's a set of 4 shifting tile logic puzzles. I'm not really mourning its loss.

Arcade Volleyball - Rhett Anderon & David Hensley, Jr.

This game made the rounds (especially the DOS version I think, though both it and the Amiga version had only one player per side) but is still pretty fresh, with nice physics. It's a bit like Basketball Sam & Ed (by the same duo) but not quite as surreal, you play with a ball, you aren't the ball itself. (On the other hand, your players are suspiciously ball-like; their relationship to the playing ball feels a bit like that of Goofy and Pluto.) Still pending a proper 2 player review, but the physics feel good- and points off for no one player mode (actually the article mentions a 'warm-up' simple opponent accessed via a Poke. I mighta given them that final point if they baked it into the game proper.) Rating:4/5 

Jericho - Robert Bixby

Lovely idea, middling-poor execution, this is breakout except the ball is trapped in a matrix in the center of the court and you have to defend all 4 sides from its escape. To help make up for that, your paddle is given a clone and extended in length, but this game is still radically tough. Rating:3/5

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  1. Used to have a lot of fun playing Arcade Volleyball with my brothers. Jericho was not bad, but not great either.