October 1993 - Coins, Explorer 64

Comic of the Month:

The Gazette "Programmer's Page" has a 101 lesson on how various systems are programmed,tools like cross-compilers, various languages like C, etc, and ends with a reminder of how accessible the programming is on the C64 and 128. I wonder what the first computer to boot into BASIC was?

Coins - Maurice Yanney

It's funny how much this era is leaning so heavily on Yanney, oh he of the mediocre, static sprites and boring character graphics. In this game you run around grabbing coins and avoiding fire from the mobile cannons. The first levels at least are pretty easy. You even get a smart bomb to wipe out bullets and stun the cannons for a while. I like that the games has an attract mode where it kind of plays itself. Rating:3/5

Explorer 64 - Michael Bolin

I couldn't get this game to do anything past the menu... it seemed like a promising simple dungeon crawl game with an editor, but I don't know what it takes to get it to work. Rating:???


  1. "I wonder what the first computer to boot into BASIC was?"

    According to this, the first computer with Microsoft BASIC in ROM was the Ohio Scientific Model 500. Not sure if that's the first computer to boot to any implementation of BASIC, but given the ubiquity of Microsoft's implementation it's not a bad guess.

    1. Interesting! Thanks for that link, that had some cool stuff.