April 1993 - Baffles, Snakey

High-Quality Advertising of the Month: (admittedly from the back pages)
Ah, the world before Internet Porn. I enjoy that one of the disk sets is entitled "Big Ones".

"BodyCello" is kind of a clever name, at that.

Baffles - Michael Gresham

A repeat of October 1985's "Atom Shoot"... you have a grid field surrounded by lasers and filled with hidden mirrors, and by shooting lasers into grid and seeing where the beam comes out, you discern where the mirrors are placed. I guess it's an ok exercise in deductive reasoning but kind of boring and unoriginal. Rating:2/5

Snakey - Farid Ahmad

A typing tutor... a snake composed of random letters (and/or numbers) is winding its way from the left side, and you have to type the number currently at the head to remove that segment, and generally not let the snake get all the way to the right. I think this game would be better if the snake went the other direction, since even though you're not typing patterns that appear in English (actually combining this with a markov chain generator would make a lot more sense than strictly random distributions) it feels better to type things showing up from left to right. Rating:2/5

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