January 1985 - Trap 'Em, Chomper, Kablam!

Not too much interesting here. Commodore 128 on the horizon, an interview with Flight Simulator II designer Bruce Artwick. Oh, and Sweetums from the Muppets.

The disk includes 4 out of a "Baker's Dozen" art programs. Also "Math Dungeon", a super lame text-adventure that asks you math problems. And "Magazine Index". Man, what kind of nerd would use a computer to put a list of magazine articles?

The Games

Trap 'Em - Jon Rhees

Traditional "Surround"/Snafu. Has obstacles. Also an option for playing one player, for some unfathomable reason, as expressed in this screen shot. Rating:1/5

Chomper - George Hu

In the spirit of September 1984's "Treasure Hunt", it's another collect-the-dots, avoid the baddies game, but with less design charm. It controls better, though, being all in ML, and has a niftier than usual level select screen. Rating:2/5

Kablam! - Stephen Ressier

It's Activision's "Kaboom!" but lamer. The C=64 version has just one bomb dropped at a time. The VIC version (shown) has 2, but barely.  Rating:1/5

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