February 1985 - The Forbidden Crypt, Cypher

I dig the Edward Gorey-esque cover art for "The Forbidden Crypt"!  The Editor Notes a general slow down in the industry (lack of the usual boost around the Christmas Season) and a worried glance at the IBM PCjr, though I think history shows that wasn't quite the right set of concerns. Still it's interesting to see how the fallout from the Great Videogame Crash was going.

Inteview with musician Ryo Kawasaki, who made music programs for the C=64.

The Games

The Forbidden Crypt - Ted Reynolds

I couldn't get this to work on VIC-20 (haven't quite figured out how/if xvic under VICE supports the memory expansion). The C=64 version is a copy of the arcade game "Venture". The enemies move almost as fast as you do,  so the difficulty is a bit too high to really be fun. Rating:2/5

Cypher - J. L. Calvin

Another version of Master Mind, with an even worse interface than May 1984's Mind Boggle. Rating:1/5

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