Growing up I was lucky enough to inherit a large run of COMPUTE!'s Gazette magazines and accompanying disks from my Uncle Bill, along with his Commodore 64.

Each issue had a lot of content, including original programs (especially games!) you could type in. The age of the the type-in was an interesting one! Amateurs could get some chunks of change sending in original programs, and then readers could get the benefit of those author's creativity- the readers had to work for it though, typing in line after line of program code. An error-prone process, at least until special helper programs were made that did a lot of error checking. Unless of course, said reader was lucky enough to get the accompanying disk, with all the typing done for them...

In the spirit of No Batteries (playing all the Game Boy Games in Alphabetical Order) I'm going to go through month after month and do mini-reviews of each issue's game-ish offerings. (Well, starting with when the publisher made the disks available.)

I got the disk archives here and correlate them with the PDFs here. In general I'll be favoring the C=64 versions of software when it's available for multiple systems.

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